3 Elements of a Successful Skin Care Launch

Building a successful skin care line that will be here for a long time has several elements to them.

The first is not the product. That’s right, it’s not the product.  Yes, a high quality product is awesome and necessary but the first element of a successful skin care line as everything to do with the solution you offer to your customer.

Element #1 – People buy because of need

People buy lotion because they have dry skin. success-479568_640

Gentle hair care shampoos because they just colored their hair and don’t want a shampoo to strip it.

Acne products sell because people have acne. Get it? People buy products because they have a need. A successful product line fills that need.

I talk to many people who are obsessed with all the ingredients in products and the fact is that most people care more about the problems the product will help them with rather than the what’s in the bottle.

Element #2 – People buy from people not brands

We all love a good story. Many of us will go out of our way to buy a skin care product that a mom entrepreneur created because they needed to solve a problems for their kids.  Or a men’s line like H.I.S story that was made by men for men. It’s the story and the corresponding marketing material (packaging, website, Facebook, etc.) that sells us.

Some great examples are Ada Pollock with Alchimie Forever. She is the face and the story of the brand or Susie Wang of 100% Percent Pure and Anthony for Men.

This element applies to all size business, start ups, growing and huge successful businesses!

Element #3 – Serving your clients

In today’s competitive high tech world what people crave most is real connection. Good customer service will allow for a brand to stay around a lot longer than voice mails, emails that are not returned.

Notice what’s missing? That’s right. Price.

Why didn’t I list price as an essential element? Because it’s simple!

When you:

#1 Solve a need

#2 Tell a great story and

#3 Give excellent customer service price no longer matters.

I know many of you are saying yeah right, my price is low and my sales are still low or “it’s the recession no one needs another lotion” or “I can’t compete with Walmart, target, etc.” All I know is that in 2011, in the middle of the recession, the beauty industry grew leaps and bounds.  People will always have money for what they need.

Reevaluate your brand with the 3 elements listed and see how it compares.

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