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your beauty business

We’ve helped launch more than 5,000 cosmetic, skincare, and haircare brands.

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Our Mission

to work with beauty brand owners who are
obsessed with using their business to
create the life and legacy of their dreams

Our Belief

all beauty entrepreneurs - no matter their size or influence - should have the same chance to create and grow their brands

Our Goal

to provide the cutting-edge strategy, support, accountability, and community needed
to surpass your
sales goals

We believe...

you deserve a beauty business that creates wealth, freedom, legacy, and colossal success without being forced to figure it out on your own.

Welcome home to the

Beauty Brand Owners

who are ready to swear off unsuccessful, cookie-cutter strategies for reliable, proven, and profitable tools that help them smash their income and visibility goals, become household names and cutting-edge leaders who create legacies and opportunities for others.



We want to create new traditions of wealth and legacy.

Real Solutions.

We share real solutions for our clients’ real obstacles so they can have success.


We believe beauty brand ownership is the key to creating a life of freedom.

Influence & Inspire.

We want to influence and inspire you to take your beauty brands to new heights.

Direct Access.

We believe in giving direct access to the information needed for beauty entrepreneurs to have the same chance to create and grow their brands.


We foster your inclusion of a community of liked-minded beauty brand entrepreneurs that understand and help support your success.


We want to elevate your voice and brand to get it out to more customers that will bring in more sales and revenue.


We want to help you to transform your life and your families for generations to come due to the success of your brand.

About Trendcet's


Born and raised in Oregon, Melody Bockelman moved to Washington, D.C. to attend Howard University. While in college, she launched two eCommerce companies and took both companies from zero to 6-figures in less than a year. One was even featured on Oprah!

After selling one company and closing the other, she started helping friends and family launch beauty businesses of their own. After spending countless hours (read: weeks or months) researching, calling manufacturers, using the wrong bar codes, and learning how to market and sell from scratch, she decided she wanted to use her newfound skills to help others launch their brands more effectively.

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She's actually the Expert's Expert

For more than 20 years, she’s helped people launch and grow skincare, cosmetic, and haircare brands. She even helped Tiger King’s Joe Exotic launch his line and worked on product development for projects with NASA! (That was cool, but it’s a story for another time.)

Melody believes that all beauty entrepreneurs - no matter their size or influence - should have the same chance to create and grow their brands. It’s why she created this company more than 20 years ago and why she still LOVES showing up every day to help others become their own bosses to create the life and legacy of their dreams.

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