Is Innovation Necessary in Skin Care, Make Up and Hair Care Brands?

Is innovation necessary in skin care, make up and hair care brands? The obvious answers is yes! Why is it obvious? Because if innovation and something “new” wasn’t necessary than big brands such as L’Oreal, Revlon, and Clinique wouldn’t consistently be bringing out new lines each season.

They wouldn’t spend the money on new packaging, new actives and new spokes people if consumer’s didn’t demand innovation.

But this begs the question, do we demand innovation? Or do we just need something new and exciting even if it’s in a tube of lipstick or shampoo? And how does this apply to your cosmetic, skincare or hair care line?

Let’s examine the 3 ways to innovate and grow your brand:

1. Packaging

2. Touch and feel – new fragrances, snazzy names

3. Spokes models/and or stories for relatability – for those business owners that can’t hire a famous actor or actress.

1. Packaging

Each year, cosmetic packaging companies are always inventing new twist to old bottles. New hands free applicators, mist, prettier packaging, new green packaging any thing that will fit their customer’s needs.

Question to ask yourself: Is there an issue that your customers constantly complain about that can be improved? Pump doesn’t work, prefer green peanuts vs. regular, etc.? Take a moment to ask your customer’s what they think of the packaging.

Labeling is another good way to innovate.  Some like the simple look, other like the jazzed up look. Currently some of my favorite decorated bottles are:

1. Yes to Carrots – great use of colors on simple packaging.

2. Benefit’s Cosmetics – Bold, fun and playful

3. Zen Med – clean lines, uses bold color to make the line distinct

2. Touch and Feel

This goes into seasonal sets. You have 4 quarters and 4 distinct seasons. Think Chocolate for Valentines, spring floral smells for spring, watermelon for summer and pumpkin spice for fall and peppermint for Christmas. Be sure to use the 4 seasons to your advantage and plan a limited edition scent.

Here is a great example:

100% Pure Raspberry Wash. The packaging is simple stock packaging that is readily available. They changed the color of the product and have a very simple label.

3. Spokes models or refreshed stories

So barring spending your child’s college fund, here are some ways you can refresh your product lines story:

1.  Add a new “hot” ingredient. Or make your product gluten free/dairy free organic and if your market is not the hippies like me then make it pop with a bold splash of bling. Whatever it is, make your product line new.

2. And then start telling your story. Why did you create it, what makes this product line so wonderful? How is it different? Talk talk talk…social media, pr releases – just keep telling until people know who you are. Make it unique. Yes to Carrots has an awesome story appealing to the mass markets who want organic “natural” products”  Read their story here.

You may not be a “big” boy yet, however, you can learn from the brands out there and apply those ideas to your business.

Disclaimer: These are just examples. I have not worked on the lines mentioned above. Although I really do love each one of the brands and think you can create something just as awesome!

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