3 Areas That Need Attention To Ensure a Successful Launch

Last week, on our Hot Seat laser coaching inside of the Inner Circle one of our members asked me to review her launch plan.

She is planning on launching (and selling out) in July!

The hard part is done, she has created all of her labels, artwork, and product is created and now it’s time to launch!

Here are the tips that I gave her to do PRIOR to the launch and for 3 months AFTER the launch.

My philosophy is that a launch is a 3 month process, I think it’s a mistake for new brands to think they are going to just announce we are OPEN and think sales are going to roll in.

I encourage my clients to view the launch as a 3 month process, that way when the sales are slow in the beginning they can plan on putting in the same amount of effort.

Once a brand is close to launching there are 3 areas that you have to pay attention to ensure the launch is a success:

Tip #1: Influencer Marketing

Finding partnerships with influencers on social media channels that are relevant to your brand. If you have a make up line, partner with influencers who love make up. It can take a long time to establish relationship but it’s so important to start this process.

There are paid services that you can use such as Trendly, Famebit, and Grapevine, however, most of my clients find it more effective to contact the influencers directly. Micro-influencers can be just as effective as people with 100’s of thousands of numbers as well!

Action item: Go make a list of influencers and start contacting them this weekend!

Tip #2: List Build

When we are in the middle of a launch we forget to build out our email list! And once we are launched our email list can be crucial to the success of our brands.

Some ways to build out your email list are doing fun things like giveaways, partnerships, free guides, classes, etc. This is equally as important and a task that we need to be doing on a regular basis!

Action item: Brainstorm 3-4 different giveaways and opt-ins that you can offer to your list. You can follow some of your favorite brands for inspiration!

Tip #3: Email

Prior to the launch date get your email list use to getting emails from you. When we are new to sending emails we can consider it almost intrusive to email our list.

The reality is that they signed up and CAN’T wait to hear from you. So if your list is 100 people or 100,000 people be sure to send out emails on a regular basis!

Action item: Create a regular email schedule. Each audience is different so you will need to test what works best for your audience but at minimum commit to emailing them once a week. You can do more as you get more confident in sending emails!

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