A Mid-Pandemic

Career Pivot

From Vision to Launch in 5 Months

Joy Jenkins

Joy Jenkins

Founder of My Joy Beauty

Joy Jenkins is the founder of My Joy Beauty, a brand bringing a holistic and minimalist approach to beauty for women worldwide. My Joy Beauty offers multi-functional products for the parts of your beauty routine that make the biggest difference in your overall look and confidence. Specifically, My Joy Beauty creates products for the brows, skin, and décolletage.

the Challenge

Joy decided to leave the corporate world and launch an in-person brow studio and day spa. Unfortunately, her plans didn’t include a global pandemic. She wanted to become a full-time beauty entrepreneur but needed guidance on manufacturing, packaging, artwork, and marketing. Joy leaned in and asked for help at every step of the way, which went a long way toward helping her succeed.


Joy wanted to launch a physical beauty studio but had to pivot because of the global pandemic. Joy joined the Beauty Brand Bootcamp to learn how to shift her vision to an online business.


After graduating from the Beauty Brand Bootcamp, Joy launched with a 5-product brow kit and facial oil. Her initial launch was a success! She had sales from the start and had zero paid ads.


5 Months to Launch - Joy joined the Beauty Brand Bootcamp in November 2021 and launched in March 2022.

Product Facial oil
Product Brow Kit